About us

General information about KM Kámen, scope of our activities and service

Our company KM – Kámen a.s. Pelhřimov was founded in 1997 as the successor company of VD Kámen Pelhřimov, which has been active on the stonemason’s market since 1953.

Our company deals with all stonework. We process all domestic and foreign granite, marble, trachyte and sandstone.

 We make and provide kitchen units, fireplaces, tombstones, polished pavings of various thicknesses, glued and anchored tiles, outdoor pavings, curbs, dam tiles, bridge tiles, round stone products, arches, linings, stairs and other products as desired and required.

 We provide architectural elements (portals, linings, massive stairs, fountains, bollards for pedestrian zones) and much more.

 We do implementation of mentioned assembly, repairs, chemical treatment, design suggestions and various modifications of already existing elements. We offer all care and advice in the stonework field.

 We are here for anybody who needs our service such as building companies, river basin management, the state, as well as individuals, tradesmen or end users.

 Our future vision is to further improve the quality of our production machines and to become one of the top manufacturers on the market who can produce even the most sophisticated stone work.

The company was established